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. this is wjztv, baltimore. from the city at the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. the gop ticket, makes his
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pick for running mate as he tries to get his old job back. tonight how he made the announcement. we begin with breaks news tonight. just a short time ago bob ehrlich announced his running mate. it's a woman no stranger to maryland politics. >> reporter: she's a mother and lawyer who lives in montgomery county. but what's the other part of the story is how ehrlich made this announcement. >> i have found that partner, that maryland partner to help us turn annapolis around and that partner is mary kay. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: in a video posted on facebook an hour before local news goes to air, he chooses his secretary of state. >> bob ehrlich is the right person with his idea of taking back that sales tax increase for making maryland open for business again, for putting
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marylanders back to work. >> reporter: more are more surprised by the message than by the pick. >> this is a strange way to pick a partner. >> i think it's interesting that he chose facebook as the temporary medium. just 4 years ago i would be surprised if he even knew about it. >> reporter: in the last few weeks facebook has become a battle ground for this match and now seeing a running mate on the website is a first in maryland's politics. >> you don't have to answer any questions. and you're speaking to the faithful, his core, his base. >> reporter: analysts say cain complained. >> the secretary of state has a significant role in making
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government efficient. what people are going to look at is the degree to which she actually helped government become more efficient and at least according to the polls women are going to be a very important voting block. >> reporter: governor o'malley has already announced he will be running with the current lieutenant governor. he did not choose phase facebook as his medium. >> reporter: the o'malley campaign sent in a response they are looking forward to the race. many are being laid off or forced to retire. the baltimore sun reports the city has a list of 122 people they are letting go. but a few of those workers may end up staying on the city payroll if they choose to.
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speaking out tonight angry commuters had a chance to meet amtrak officials. the meeting comes after the transportation secretary demands a review. >> there were many heated exchanges. the first one you are going to see is the transportation secretary and a long time rider. >> we have no choice but to stop using. >> reporter: disruptions on train service brought top maryland officials an earful from angry passengers. >> you have got to start being more responsive. no one knew where you were, you were there, we were here. if you can't even get the communications straight on a meeting, what does that. >> i understand that. >> there was a situation that
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wasn't handled properly by amtrak, so what we looked at was our procedures and we talked to the entire crew and thought about what we needed to do to make a real improvement for the future. >> reporter: this week train 538 blew through its stop forcing passengers to take another train back. last week passengers on the same train were stranded on the train in dangerous temperatures. investigations are still underway. >> it was 100 something degrees on this train. what was mark doing? >> so many times in what we do we think about stuff, we think about equipment and we don't think necessarily about the passengers. is it a blame? well, yes, but it's also a need
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for accountability to do the job correctly. >> reporter: i asked if the state bears any responsibility and he says it's all on amtrak right now. reporting from union station, mike hellgren. more trains have also experienced many heat related delays over the last few weeks. an escape of a teenager, 19- year-old david newton was shot in the leg after climbing a fence to escape. the baltimore sun reports that newton is on home detention and was just hours away of going home for the night. we don't know why he ran. scary moments in north baltimore tonight after part of a tree snapped and landed on 4 children on matthew street. 4 girls were in front of when there was a loud crack. the girls say that the collapse surprised them. >> we were sitting on a table
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under the tree and the tree just fell. >> all i heard was a crack. so i ran and tried to catch the tree. and all i know is the whole tree just came down on all 4 children. >> reporter: one of the 4 girls is being treated at the hospital. no word on her condition. now to hurricane alex which about 60 minutes ago made land fall in mexico as a category 2 storm. with high winds and heavy rain, some people waited until the last put minute to leave the area. officials did not issue a mandatory evacuation. bob is tracking the storm. >> actually passed about 105 miles south of brownsville which is also south of the padre island. on radar, a nice shot here shows the storm moving over mexico around 10:00. that's when the eye came on.
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it's beginning to weaken rather quickly. let's take a look at the track and the way it looks on the satellite picture. right now, it came on shore about an hour ago with winds up to 100 his 100 miles an hour. that area not tropical storm force winds. the chemoon shore, quickly weakening by tomorrow. although it's continuing to bring heavy rains. they have already seen 7 to 8 inches of rain in south texas, major flooding. that will continue over the next two days. thank you, bob. and as alex continues its trek it's getting further away from the gulf oil spill. but it's still having an impact
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on oil clean up efforts. so far it's estimated at least 105 million-gallons of oil have spilled into the gulf so far. today the crews remained docks because of the big waves from hurricane alex and crews were sent home. scientists say the waves are helping to break up the oil. call it a crisis, whatever you call it, maryland's wastes are getting bigger. kei jackson explains. >> reporter: maryland is the 26 26th most obese state in the nation. the good news is citizens have the ability to get the problem under control. americans are obese at alarming rates. a reality that's costing lives
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with problems like heart disease and high blood pressure. obesity is one of the biggest health challenges the country has ever faced. >> i have been trying to eat right. >> reporter: maryland was ranked the 26th most obese state. experts say those who are obese are rated on -- says the adult obesity rate is a city health department expert says while this determines who is obese. >> basically the amount of calories we take in is excessive. >> reporter: the study shows the biggest barriers to reducing weight are the high
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cost of healthy foods. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene has directed a lot of attention to obesity. >> there are a lot of approaches. a critical one is to eat a healthy diet yourself, to fill your home with good food. >> laying around watching tv. i do a little exercise but not enough. >> reporter: the trust for america's health funded this report, vic. thank you, kei. the study found that 38 states obesity rates of 20%. we have the latest on a family tragedy. former raven loses his home in an accident. where many city employees are bringing home extra cash
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despite a historic crisis. a beautiful start to july. i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues with denise koch, breaking news with kai jackson and sports with kai jackson and sports with mark ,,,,
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it is 68 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. in frederick firefighters
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are fighting a major fire. it's in an older building in an industrial park. flamesflames destroyed the roof of the building. so far no injuries have been reported. firefighters are trying to determine what sparked a two alarm fire around 3:30 this afternoon. some flammable materials were believed to be inside so hazmat crews were requested as a precaution. no one was hurt. tragedy for the family of randall cunningham, his 2-year- old son christian drowned in a hot tub at their home. authorities say it appears to be accidental. cunningham played for the ravens in 2001. that was the last of his 16 seasons. the sexual allegations against al gore will be reinvestigated by the police department. previously they said the case was closed because no evidence
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to support claim. gore was accused of assaulting a woman. no explanation was given as to why the case was being reopened. dozens of city police officers taking home more money than the mayor. as it continues to deal with a budget crisis. breaks down the numbers. >> reporter: to deal with what the mayor calls the worst crisis, the city passed new taxes. now uncomfort questions come up about overtime. it shows detective albert marcus earned more than $170,000 last year with a base salary of just $70,000. >> he's like a regular at the
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orioles games. >> reporter: marcus is one of hundreds who repeatedly made more than their pay. more than $150,000. >> that's poor management. >> they are off skiing and charging overtime. they are working on cases to try to clear -- increase the clearance rate. >> reporter: but it's not just police and emergency workers who are cashing in. mechanics who fix street lights and security guards here at the library are among the top earners. >> if an alarm goes off at 4:00 in the morning he has to respond. >> reporter: still the mayor stresses she is focused on cutting back. the pot has shrunk by nearly $20 million. >> a spokesman says the police department will start looking into weather those officers who make the most ot are
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overworked. anyone can sign up for it. the ravens and orioles pay the security guards. one of top leaders dr. karla hayden has been selected to serve on the institute of museum and library services board. the board decides how money will be spent at museums and libraries across the nation. the youth of baltimore city will get to play ball on new fields thanks to the cal ripken senior foundation. at the site of memorial stadium. the facility will include both a baseball and football field. it's part of the foundation's efforts to give at risk children a safe place to play. if you have ever talked on a cell phone while at a
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baseball game, beware, this could happen to you. a bis hit will bounce over the ball and hit a man talking on a cell phone. this is one many baseball fans had been waiting to see. i guess he didn't have the baseball catching app on his phone. >> that's got to hurt. all right, let's take a look at the weather. it can't be any better than this, especially for the first day of july tomorrow. right down we're down to 68. open those windows and let that beautiful fresh dry air in your house. tomorrow morning after you have got the house cooled down, close the shades and keep it nice and cool all day. in oakland, they will be down to the 40s tonight. some suburban areas will be down to 50 degrees. many spots north of the city.
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the warm spot, dc at 72. 5 # coming in at the airport in ocean city. clear skies, light winds and sandy soil. many places will be around 50 to 55. temps are going to fall. there you see alex coming ashore in mexico. about 105 miles north of brownsville. they are getting anywhere from 5 to 8 inches of rain. a lot of rain again tomorrow as that moisture continues to flow in from the gulf of mexico. the storm will continue to die. high pressure over the region. the same high that's giving us this beautiful dry weather will eventually move off to the east. what that means is we'll say goodbye to the cool temperatures at least into the weekend.
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but this high moves to the east and the winds go back southwest. that means warmer temperatures for saturday and sunday. temperatures get up above the 90-degree mark. around 81 and 55 tonight. that's your average low. tomorrow sunny all day long, just a passing fair weather clouds. upper 70s tomorrow, then 82 on friday, 50s at night, back up to close to 90 saturday. 93 on july 4th. a little more humid, definitely humid and hot on monday. start the week with # 5 degrees. thank you. coming up it's been tough for the orioles. even a homerun is ,,,,,,,,,,
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we start with the orioles, add adam jones told me he was going to -- what transpired was the homerun derby. jones lived up to that pregame prediction. clears the right field bench. 13th homer of the year for jones. but wiggins ends up to be long ball challenge. he sends a blast to left. homerun number 14 for wiggins and the first homerun for an oriole who was playing first base in the game. score tied tied. right after wiggins, scott crushes one. but he strains his left hamstring, has to limp all the way around with his 12th homer
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of the year. had to leave the game when finished. 5 homeruns total for the orioles tonight of the it's a win. 9-6 the final. on the road to boston, this reminder, on wjz this weekend. live right here. how about some good pitching? seattle's cliff lee was a winner last night. tonight his teammate hernandez even better. goes the distance, 7-0 seattle. a dominating win in one of the toughest places to win in baseball. basketball news, the nba free agent starts tonight at midnight. not a free agent until next year but the denver nuggets are reported to be pondering a trade. the nuggets have a 3 year offer
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on the table that would pay melo more than $20 million her season. in tennis it's been a week of upsets and roger federer is the latest to tumble. 12 seed thomas of check slovakia. federer receiving serve. it will all end on a wide return that ends this vole. he fails to reach the finals at wimbledon in 12 years. the williams sisters lost in doubles. it's been a crazy week. it's been a crazy week. thanks a lot, markrk
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the food police issue a citation for a famous -- health magazine lists the cake as one of the 50th fattiest foods. but they claimed they never said it was low fat. it's made with lots of love and lots of butter. we'll are right back. the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios,
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